Language Arts

Student choice and ownership are at the forefront of our language arts curriculum. At Shining Cross Academy, our teacher pride themself on tapping into the personal interests and learning styles of each and every one of their students. The workshop model, which consists of a short, whole-group lesson and extended time for differentiated-partner, small group and individual learning time, allows for each student to reach his or her full potential. Providing choice for both reading and writing creates an authentic learning environment full of passion and excitement in each language arts classroom. These choices provide an opportunity for critical thinking, self-reflection and decision-making unmatched among other programs in the nation.

Topics and Skills
Reading: Concepts of Print & Letter Sounds, Nursery Rhymes, Author Study, Fairy Tales, Comprehension Strategies, Rhyming & Dr. Seuss, Informational Texts


Writing: Handwriting Introduction, Sight Words, Journal Prompts, Fairy Tales, Winter Stories (Sentence Structure), Letter-Writing, Rhyming & Poetry, Informational Writing