2020-2021 School Plan

We are back on campus for in-person learning. We know that learning in early childhood and social emotional health is best achieved through in-person interaction. Accordingly, we have returned to on-campus instruction with increased health and safety protocols in place to ensure the well-being of all our community members, especially those most at risk.

  • As research about the virus evolves, each of us continues to make adjustments to the new “normal” of an ongoing pandemic. We respect that each family is at a different place with precautions; everyone has a different experience and different perspectives.

  • The school is also realistic that until there is a vaccine for this virus, it will not go away. We are prepared should there be periods throughout the year in which we may need to go virtual for safety reasons.

    • We have taken your feedback on virtual learning, have been in contact with our peer schools throughout the world and locally, and have researched what experts advise as best practices, all in an effort to make sure that our virtual learning practices are up to date and are world class. 

  • Likewise, the look of the school today may very well change in the coming months. Here are our current plans:

Updated Mask Policies

Following observation of local and national trends, with community feedback, and with guidance from our medical and public health experts, we are elevating our approach to mask-wearing. They will no longer be recommended, but rather required for everyone who is on campus. 

  • Masks will be worn at all times by everyone on campus upon arrival and large group time; exceptions are breaks for eating, drinking, napping, when playing outside at least 6’ apart or a physician diagnosed medical condition that prevents safely wearing as mask.

  • Please see our revised mask policies for employees and students alike.

On Campus At a Glance

Frequently Asked Questions on Reopening

  • While these procedures are necessary for health and safety, we realize these must also be balanced with the social-emotional well being of each member of our community. In all of this, we want to maintain the unique and, frankly, comforting Shining Cross feeling we all have when engaging with our community.

  • Here are some of the questions we have already received - this section will continue to be updated as we approach the start of school.